Zambezi Valley Explorer

Where To Go?
The Zambezi Explorer Safari takes you on a journey through various ecosystems that are protected under the National Parks Estate and World Heritage Sites. You enter a world where the wildlife roams free and has done so for millenia.

The focus of this post is to highlight a stay at a particular region within your itinerary. Each safari is customised to suite the individuals travel requirements and utilize exceptional private camps and lodges that provide you with a true wilderness experience. Guest numbers are limited to each camp in order to provide you with a more intimate experience in the bush.

What To Do?
Photographic opportunities are plenty and the flora and fauna is diverse. Game drives, night drives, bushwalks, birding, trees, and stargazing.

When To Go?
The region in some areas are seasonal and guests’ with different interests will often dictate the best time to visit. Animal sightings are at their best in the hotter months – August to November.
For those interested in the smaller things, such as birds, butterflies, insects and flowers, the early season period from April onwards provides a spectacular variation. Game viewing is also good during this time but the concentration of game is not as considerable.

What To See?
Lion, wild dog, and leopard, civet and serval, mongeese and honey badgers. Plains and forest game alike come to drink at the water sources as they cross the wide dry riverbeds. Elephant in the dry season dig into riverbeds to get to fresh water running metres below the surface in the underground river. The bird life is varied with numerous local specials like the elusive African pitta, carmine bee-eaters, honey guides, marshal eagles, and many other raptors.

How Long Is Your Safari?
At each camp we recommend three nights stay. So your trip could include any number of camps recommended in our carefully selected safari portfolio.

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All Photo Credits: Clyde Elgar