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We invite you to explore Africa with us as we connect you with unique and special safari camps in Africa.

A region best known for its natural wild herds of elephants and other big game is the Hwange National park. It is home to a major portion of the largest remaining population of elephant in Africa. June is the start of ‘elephant season,’ as rain-filled waterholes dry up and the herds move toward permanent sources of water. In Hwange, most of these water points are equipped with boreholes, powered by diesel or solar systems – which is a story in itself.

Over the years, guests to get to appreciate these gentle giants in the traditional game drive – best for covering distance; and also the walk – best for indulging all five senses in the wild. Unparalleled for close encounters is to experience the underground hides located at pans. There is also the opportunity to go mountain biking along a game trail for a unique adventure while on safari. At the Zambezi River  you can paddle past elephants in stable inflatable canoes, as the herds come down to drink from the riverbank. A unique experience is to travel by rail car, the ‘Elephant Express’ which connects guests to our southern Hwange safari camps traveling along the railway line that borders the park and affords guests another unique way to view Hwange’s giants. Or for those of us content to wait for the animals to come to us, we recommend a Hides built around a waterhole which the elephants love as much as the guests.

Let us share our unique African Portfolio and have your unparalleled safari experience!