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Safari Consultant/Logistics/ Zimbabwe Professional Guide/Author/Artist/Conservationist/Capacity Builder

Julie Edwards’ longstanding portfolio on the spectacular plains of Africa offers a refined experience.  With over 25 years building remarkable African adventures, Julie’s unique style blends together Africa’s wildness, beauty and history.  Allow Julie  to create your perfect journey and explore Africa through low impact tourism to classically styled elegance.

“I was born and raised in Rhodesia now Zimbabwe, descending from “9 generations” pioneering settler stock.  Throughout my life I have always had a passion for wildlife the African bush and the continents diverse cultural heritage. Growing up in my beloved country, as a young girl, living out in the remote areas, my parents instilled in me an understanding and appreciation for the bushveldt… With my eyes constantly on the horizon I looked for the patterns in the grass and listened for the call of the wild, but were always kept in check by a distant lions roar.  In those formative moments even a hyena whooping in the dark of  night, or the silence in the heat of the day, whilst sitting in the shade of a large Natal Mahogany tree,  shaped my soul…

I realize, how very fortunate and unconventional my upbringing was, which were all impressionable years. Importantly, we were taught to have respect and compassion towards animals, wildlife, rural communities  and cultures different from ourselves.  My father’s work introduced me to interesting areas, such as, farms, villages, game reserves, forests, tribal lands and meeting with chiefs.”

I know now, without a shadow of doubt, that my career path was influenced by my childhood.  I had an overwhelming urge to continue to explore the real Africa and other wild places around the world, developing an unswerving passion in conservation, particularly for the Black Rhino and African Elephant.  However, what became apparent to me from this early age was how the wild lands were being invaded at such an alarming rate and today, the conservation of these reserves has now become a very urgent issue.  I worry about the future state of wildlife reserves and how rapidly communities are becoming impoverished. 

Our African heritage is threatened by many elements impacting negatively on the environment.  Constant pressure for land, human greed, increased human populations, political instability, over hunting of safari areas, tourism over development in the wildlife reserves, domestic livestock invasion and poaching threatening National Parks boundaries. 

The future lies in the hands of responsible people who care enough to save the planets biodiversity.  Of paramount importance is sustainable development at a grassroots level in Africa.  Active and meaningful participation at all levels in Eco Tourism development.

Only when the animals’ silent spoors are no longer visible in the bush will we one day realise it is too late” 
Julie Anne Edwards

Julie Edwards Wildlife invites you to take your journey with us!

Alasdair Munn

Business Partner : Alasdair, A Zimbabwean by birth, living in the UK. committed to ethical business management and sustainability. He and his family have a long association with Julie, extending thirty years, originally as publishers of  the first book entitled, ‘Ëxtinction Is Forever, The Inspiration Behind The Rhino Girls Story”, By Munn Publishing.