The name ‘Wilmot’ is a legendary name in the frontier world of Northern Botswana, a family name steeped in history stemming from one of the old pioneering families in Botswana. Lloyd and Daphne Wilmot journeyed as children with their parents, who had packed up and left their farm north of Francistown to trek by ox wagon across the great thirst of the Magadigadi Salt Pans as far as Gweta to Maun. Since those early days their name has become synonymous with the safari industry. Plains of Africa invite you to share in this mobile safari adventure and hear the old legendary stories as told by both Lloyd and Daphne.The safari will be a unique experience. With no more than 6 guests at a time and a safari tailored to your wishes, you are guaranteed to see amazing wildlife as you journey with the Wilmot’s into the African bush.

Lloyd says, “On safari you should get to see at least four of the Big 5 as well as many other fascinating animals, birds and insects. And the safari experience is heightened by the personal attention and extensive information that we provide. Sleeping in screened tents in well organised camps keeps you close to nature but safe.

The areas used for mobile safaris may vary according to local conditions (late rains, flooding, game concentrations, etc.). We like to reserve flexibility of destination so as to offer you the optimum conditions for the duration of your stay. Travelling is in an open game-viewing vehicle with wide seats and camera trays. Accommodation is comfortable, in bug-proof bow tents, folding beds with decent mattresses, duvets, pillows, sheets, towels, etc.  We sit down to a proper dining table with china plates and crystal.

Early mornings usually begin with tea or coffee, fruit, cereals, yoghurt, cheese and bread before going out on a game drive. We take along a coffee box for a coffee break half way through the morning and then return for a full brunch before taking a siesta through the hottest part of the day.

After a snack of fresh camp bread, cheese board, chutneys and pickles, we set off at about 3:30 -4:00 pm for the afternoon drive.  Dinner is served with a good choice of red or white wines. And the ice bucket is always there. Our staffs are well trained and do all the hard work for us (you do not have to participate in the erection of the camp or other camp duties).”


Lloyd and Daphne will make sure that you get the most out of your safari.


You are guaranteed an experience with which to fascinate your friends and family.

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