TCG_AlasdairMunn_Website_Slide2_07312012-01Alasdair is a Zimbabwean living in the U.K. Being away from Africa, has given Alasdair a deep appreciation of what Africa has to offer.

Working in the both the USA and the UK for the last 10 years, Alasdair has been exploring the way we are living digital lives and how digital tools can enhance the way we work, live and play, whilst allowing us to have our feet planted firmly on the ground.

‘As I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe, I also enjoy dissecting the different ways that we, as businesses and people, can seriously approach green initiatives and sustainability. It is understood that the fastest way to change the way we consume is to change the way we produce. The most effective way to change the way we produce is to find viable alternatives that increase efficiencies, reduce costs and enable communities. Technology, fresh thinking and a growing sense of corporate responsibility are helping us do just that.’

‘Working with JulieĀ  Edwards has been brilliant. I have had the pleasure of having her guide me through the African bush on numerous occasions. Her knowledge is incredible, from animals and birds, identifying spoor, fauna and flora, to understanding the entire eco-systems. Having trained and worked as a professional guide, Julie is very well placed to put together some of the most incredible, life changing safari itineraries.’