Africa's Indigenous Trees - 1 -

As I continue to traverse Africa’s great plains, riverine habitats, kopjies, woodlands, one is always discovering new and interesting flora and fauna. That journey of learning never ends. 


The Weeping BoerbeanSchotia brachypetala

This tree really caught my attention recently on one of my walks … the gorgeous flower, the buzzing sound of bees and the prolific birdlife. A medium sized semi-deciduous tree I discovered it along a river bank in  glorious bloom. 


 Here’s A Few Interesting Points

I witnessed an array of birdlife in particular the white bellied sunbird, and bees around the tree canopy. The magnificent floral display dominated the scene set amongst other large trees in the riverine habitat. They also appear to grow on termite mounds which has good “well-aerated soil”.  The leaves are browsed by game,including bushbuck and civit,  they consume what the monkeys and baboons drop to the floor as the flowers produce an abundant nector.

 Interesting Uses

* Early Voortrekkers used the seeds as a coffee substitute hence the name “Boerbean”

* The wood from this tree is used in furniture making.

* If you in need of a hangover or heartburn relief –  a “decoction of the bark” will apparently sort that problem out too!

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Photos: Julie A M Edwards